Tales from Wandering Isles

Able Fine Art NY Gallery

Jul. 3, 2014, 06:00 pm

511 West 25th Street, Suite # 607


We are proud to present the paintings by Gyunghee Joh in her solo exhibition. Gyunghee Joh is a very talented Korean artist and the winner of 2014 competition in Able Fine Art NY gallery. The paintings of Gyunghee Joh celebrate the solitude of the human consciousness. Through part of a community, man’s inner thoughts and dreams are his alone. This dichotomy is featured in Joh’s work. Her participants in her paintings go about their lives within the enormity of their surroundings. A melancholy yet invigorating sense of self reflects off the artwork. The viewer is drawn in and sees his own life absorbed in the canvas.

In Joh’s work, nameless and faceless souls frolic in soft hued dream like setting. In the center of this slow world, in the center of these internal landscapes, remains the man alone, with his unlimited solitude and his existential questions. As the artist Gyunghee Joh puts it, “The painting I would like to realize is something like the graffiti of a prehistoric era. A kind of painting which is easy to understand and to truly feel, just staring at it without any explanation in words, a composition of essential elements with a minimal use of strokes and colors, to represent our collective wishes and hopes.”

The individuals in Joh’s paintings are a sort of ‘Everyman’ who exists in an existential solitude. They are visions in which we can all relate. A peaceful society must begin with a peaceful individual. Joh seeks to sow that seed into the hearts and souls of her viewers. We understand that the protagonist from all the artwork of Joh is man with his heavy load of questions, busy in his continual search of a more intimate understanding of the mystery of life.

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