Susan Grossman Super size it!: Large Format Drawing

National Academy Museum & School

Nov. 9, 2015, 10:00 am

1083 Fifth Ave. at 89th Street
212-369-4880 x215

Workshop days:
Mon Tues and Thur- Nov 9,10,12
10:00am -1:00 pm
This course is designed to explore the process of drawing through the creation of large-scale works. Instruction in how to use charcoals, pastels and other drawing implements will be ongoing. Students will be using rolls of paper to create drawings that are large in scale and complexity. During the process of working, students will constantly be learning about the formal ideas of creating art: Line, Value, texture,
form, and composition. We will be using a variety of subject matter, including still life, found objects, personal props and models, all to inspire the students to see in a new way. Reaching beyond the traditional drawing and emphasizing a new way of expressing ideas and challenging oneself.

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