The Golden Thread Gallery

Mar. 19, 2014, 06:00 pm

303 Tunxis RD


How it works: The Golden Thread Gallery invites artists who are interested in creating all types of community art projects to present a proposal at a dinner event. We also invite community members to attend our dinner for a fifteen dollar donation. The artists are required to do a written proposal and submit it ahead of time so we can make copies for everyone. When people pay their money they get a packet of proposals and a little slip of paper to vote with. Artists will present their community art project, all attendees will vote and the artist with the most votes will get the proceeds from the dinner to create the community project. If needed, public approvals must be in place to receive funding.

What it does: Spark events provide instant seed money for artists who have a well-planned art project that would be beneficial to the community or community members. Painting classes, dance classes, public exhibits, murals, classes, and concerts all have been funded across the country through events such as this.

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