Sound Installation “That Summer” at CoCA UN[contained]

CoCA UN[contained] at Equinox Studios

Sep. 12, 2015, 06:00 am

6555 Fifth Avenue South

Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) is proud to present Seattle-based sound artist and composer Nat Evans’ second immersive installation, That Summer, at CoCA UN[contained]. Located in the Container Village in the heart of the growing Equinox Creative Industrial Complex and Studios, our interim space UN[contained] will feature a variety of multi-disciplinary artists over the coming months with special events to coincide with Georgetown Art Attack, the neighborhood’s popular monthly art walk.

Current CoCA Lab: Artist in Residence, Indiana native Nat Evans is fascinated by memories of listening to the shimmering summer choruses of cicadas, and observing the long slow fade of their disappearance at the end of the summer. On September 12, everyone is welcomed to CoCA UN[contained] for a special, one night only, preview of his new work, That Summer, a sound document shown inside our shipping container where visitors will become immersed in the exploration of seasonal sounds. As the evening unfolds, the field recordings of an Indiana summer resonating in the container will shift and change over time and, like the cicadas, slowly fade to silence.

Evans creates site-specific events, locally and internationally, that fuse nature, community and subjectivity of experience, electro-acoustic works for interdisciplinary projects, as well as concert works for chamber ensembles. His work at CoCA Lab will be part of a larger installation commissioned by and presented at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in September.

Event Dates & Location
September 12: That Summer, 6-9pm

CoCA UN[contained] at Equinox Studios | 6555 Fifth Avenue South | 98108
As part of Georgetown Art Attack. Ride the Art Van. Free parking and admission!
For more information please visit

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