Skin Deep & Embodied Energy

Boston Sculptors Gallery

Jan. 1, 2017, 02:00 pm

486 Harrison Avenue
(617) 482-7781

Please join Boston Sculptors Gallery for the opening reception of two concurrent solo shows, Skin Deep, by artists Claudia Olds Goldie & Embodied Energy, by Nancy Selvage.
Claudia Olds Goldie’s  figurative ceramic work investigates the complex contradictions of body, mind, and perception, examining how living and aging changes the psyche and the physical body. Focusing on the lives and bodies of women, she examines nature’s design and the forces that inevitably alter it.
Nancy Selvage’s new series Embodied Energy, wraps layers of transparent perforated metal around concentrations of light and substance. Animated by vibrating moire patterns the sculptures suggest orbits of energy, atmospheric columns, and cores of terrain.

Boston Sculptors Gallery

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