Sergio Munoz Sarmiento Art and Law: Key legal Issues for Artists

National Academy Museum & School

Nov. 16, 2015, 06:00 pm

1083 Fifth Ave. at 89th Street
212-369-4880 x215

Legal issues increasingly affect every facet of our lives. Art is no exception:
appropriation artists sense a chilling effect to their creative practices; collaborations may give rise to disputes; artists need to insure their work, hire studio assistants, “interns,” and outside fabricators; museums present artists with commission agreements; artists increasingly work in different international locales; artists see their work copied by large corporations or other artists. These are just some scenarios all artists face at some point in their careers, and all of these scenarios encompass legal issues. This talk will introduce the artists to the “must-know” legal and business issues that arise when making art, and encourage agreements that enable more effective working relationships, now and into the future.

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