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Feb. 11, 2016, 07:30 pm

2-10 Hertford Road, Haggerston N1 5ET


Secret Walls is the World’s premier live illustration battle!

The fight club of the art scene inspired by marvel comics and graffiti. Illustrators going head to head using only black markers, black paint and brushes with 90 minutes on the clock. Drawing freestyle, no pencils or sketches.

There can only be one winner and the crowd help to decide who becomes the champion of Secret Walls London 2016.

10 years old / 50 cities conquered / Over 1000 shows hosted.

Paint’ll be spilling, beatboxers spittin, Dj’s dropping and crowds screaming!


A fixture in the global art community for over 10 years, Secret Walls is the World’s premier live art event. Secret Walls brought global, and unparalleled live illustration battles to the creative terrain of Shoreditch in 2006. The London series returns with 12 of the finest emerging artists battling out on the canvas for the opportunity to go through to the next round. Februarys Paint Jam will be hosted by Beatboxer Bass6 of recently crowned 2015 World Beatbox Champions: The Beatbox collective.

The series is sponsored by our friends at Relentless Energy Drink and Posca uk.

More about Secret Walls

The cool simplicity of a monochrome palette mixed with the invigorating effects of time constraint has proven to be a winning concept. Today, over one thousand shows have been witnessed by the masses in almost every continent.

Aspiring artists of all styles and backgrounds contend on the global platform. They’re armed solely with black markers or acrylic paint, with the challenge of filling a large canvas.

Secret Walls premiered their concept in an East London bar, the intimate subterranean setting of the battles has expanded to every dark corner of the world.

Major cities host the increasingly popular tournaments, including London, Berlin, New York, Tokyo and Sydney, spreading more than three hundred Secret Walls artists over 25 countries.

Two key formulas have ensured the world-spreading popularity of Secret Walls. First, its inherent simplicity: two artists or teams have 90 minutes to coat their white walls of up to 25ft high in black marker or painted images, while the crowd cheers in decibels for their vote. Alongside them, two neutral guest judges help choose the winner that proceeds on to the next round.

Second, the entertainment value of the event is what turns the crowd into a fan base. In conjunction with DJs, drinks, voting power and time pressure, comes also the thrill of watching freestyle artwork unfold before one’s eyes.

It’s an experience that connects the audience to the artist as they watch them freestyle on a large piece before their eyes, showing the process of the work that we are so used to seeing as finished pieces in galleries.

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