Salon 94 Presents Takeshi Murata’s Latest Video OM Rider

Salon 94

Nov. 5, 2014, 06:00 pm

243 Bowery

Murata latest video OM Rider tells a suspenseful story of a murderous encounter between a punk werewolf and a dapper old man. Set in a cavernous digital environment, the space of the action is dark and mysterious. The sound, by Robert Beatty, pulses and accelerates with hypnotic, electronic rhythms. Suspense drives the narrative forward. Murata flirts with the comically absurd and appeals to the enigmatic symbolism and surrealist impulses of filmmakers like David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky. The exhibition will also include Yellow Jogger 2014; this dream object is another hyperreal, hybrid character out of a cartoon, a game avatar or a lucid dream. A selection of the artist’s videos will play on Salon 94’s outdoor Video Wall through the duration of the exhibition.

Press Contact: Mohamed M. Alladin
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