Review of Warhol Exhibition

The Andy Warhol Museum

Dec. 30, 2027, 12:00 am

117 Sandusky Street
PHONE 412.237.8300

The Andy Warhol Museum is continually changing, constantly redefining its place in the art community and its relationship to contemporary life.

The original collection includes 900 paintings, approximately 100 sculptures, nearly 2,000 works on paper and more than 1,000 published and prints/photographs. The film collection offers 60 feature films, 200 of Warhol’s Screen Tests and more than 4,000 videos.

Every aspect of Warhol’s work from student work in the 1940s to commercial illustrations and the 1960s Pop paintings of consumer products is celebrated in the museum collection. Works from the 1980s include collaborative paintings made with younger artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Francesco Clemente.

Drawings by Andy’s mother Julia Warhola are also presented with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

For more information visit the Andy Warhol Museum website.

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