Farnsworth Art Museum Review of Permanent Collection

Farnsworth Art Museum

Dec. 29, 2027, 12:00 am

16 Museum Street
PHONE 207 596-6457


The Farnsworth Art Museum offers a variety of works by American artists who related to the Maine country side.

The Museum opened in 1948, and had acquired works by one of America’s greatest landscape artists George Bellows, William Zorach, and Andrew Wyeth. By 10948 museum had acquired 915 works that made what would become the central works of the Farnsworth. Works by some of America’s strongest landscape painters of the late nineteenth included Robert Bellows included Eastman Johnson’s American Farmer, George Inness’s In the White Mountains, and Winslow Homer’s New England Coast, followed by purchases of paintings by George Bellows, Joseph DeCamp, Frank Duveneck, John La Farge, and William Zorach.

The museum’s contemporary art has developed, by donations from the Alex Katz Foundation, that include Jennifer Bartlett, Francesco Clemente, Janet Fish, Red Grooms, Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Philip Pearlstein, David Salle, and Hunt Slonem, sculptures by Bernard Langlais and William Ryman, and photographs by Rudy Burkhardt.

For more information on these artist and the Farnsworth Art Museum visit the website.

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