Montclair Art Museum Permanent Collection

Montclair Art Museum

Dec. 30, 2027, 12:00 am

3 South Mountain Avenue
PHONE 973-746-5555

Montclair Art Museum presents Patterns, Systems, Structures Abstraction in American Art, an exhibition that is developed entirely from the museum collection of abstract art.

Curated by Gail Stavitsky, this exhibition will explore abstract art since the late 19th century as representation for painters and sculptors has changed dramatically. Artists journeyed to abstract visual expression as they experimented with new materials and techniques as they redefined form, color, and line that exist within their subjects’ natural appearance. Many abstract artists intentionally altered appearances by stretching or bending forms, breaking up shapes, and giving objects unlikely textures or colors.

For more information on the Patterns, Systems, Structures Abstraction in American Art visit the Montclair Art Museum web site.

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