Front Room Gallery

Jun. 6, 2014, 07:00 am

147 Roebling Street

June 6th – June 29th, 2014
Reception: Friday, June 6th, 7-9PM
Fri–Sun 1-6 & by appointment

Featuring works by Mark Warren Jacques, Meryl Pataky, Randy Colosky, Sean Newport, and Sebastian Wahl

Front Room Gallery and guest curator Jillian Mackintosh are pleased to present Reflection/Refraction, a group exhibition based on a contemporary examination of artists who engage the viewers’ perception and provoke shifting patterns of forms and optical mixtures of colors. Through various media, including painting, resin, sculpture, neon, ceramic and wood, the artists comment on the history of geometric abstraction.

Reflection/Refraction experiments with science, space and symbolism to tell a modern story. The fierce hues and psychedelic‎ palate is balanced by an organic integration of material and form. Natural forces such as light and shadow challenging the viewer to change their physical viewpoint while spatially creating balance.

The exhibition seeks to explore how our minds react to optical fabrications, allowing us to delve deeper into reality’s notions that are inherently rooted within ourselves. We hope to share with the community a vibrant and engaging selection of artworks from emerging artist from across the country.

About the work:

Mark Warren Jacques’ paintings seek to find equilibrium by stacking clean, geometric shapes and ancient symbols in front of blazing gradients, often creating an almost religious composition.

Similarly, Meryl Pataky combines concepts and imagery of spiritual language, the universe and psychology. These images are made with the elements of the periodic table (noble gases, carbon, silver and sodium) and serve as a foundation for her work.

Randy Colosky takes utilitarian materials and through unorthodox transformation re-contextualize there content. With the engineered ceramic material he works with, the pieces appears solid, however upon further investigation, viewed from certain vantage points the material seems to become momentarily invisible calling into question the initial perception of the object versus its material reality.

Sean Newport’s work manipulates color and light in a way that bends reality. He explores the 3rd and 4th dimension with hand cut geometric shapes tiled together creating peaks and valley’s along with ever changing shadows and light play.

Sebastian Wahl’s collages are encased in layers of thick resin, creating physical depth to each hand cut image. Mused by sacred geometry and shamanic visions Whal attempt to channel these inspirations into his work in the form of psychedelic landscapes, iconic, mandalic and spiritual

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