Reception Feathery Devils by Lyell Castonguay Woodcut Extraordinaire

Bromfield Gallery

Nov. 27, 2014, 06:30 pm

450 Harrison Ave

Please join us for Castonguay’s first solo show in the greater Boston area. Castonguay’s current body of work, titled Feathery Devils, marries the traits of reality and fiction. By using the eccentric contours and monumental scale of woodcut, he distorts the familiar imagery of birds into allegorical beasts. Their forms are fanciful exaggerations – a synthesis of his avian encounters blended with mythology. These creatures, depicted in portraiture and piled masses, exude ferocity and restlessness. They are personified predators eager to confront the viewer’s imagination. All of them comprise Castonguay’s personal bestiary of larger than life birds.

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