Recent Acquisitions of Contemporary Art

South Carolina State Museum

Dec. 30, 2027, 12:00 am

301 Gervais Street
PHONE 803 799 2810

Abstract Art in South Carolina: 1949-2012 presented by South Carolina State Museum explores the effect of abstract painting and sculpture in South Carolina.

This exhibition will high light works by artists William Halsey, Corrie McCallum, J. Bardin, Carl Blair and Merton Simpson, and contemporary artists with locations currently across South Carolina, James Busby, Shaun Cassidy, Enid Williams, Paul Yanko, Katie Walker and Tom Stanley, andmany others. The museum will be showing more than 40 artists works that will focus on the local South Carolina culture.

For more information on this exhibiton and others, please visit the South Carolina State Museum web site.

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