Realm of Description

Fabulon Center for Art and Education

Nov. 12, 2016, 12:00 am

1017 Wappoo Rd.
(843) 566-3383

Fabulon Presents:
Eugene Horne and Gena Grant

Memories of nature, place, and light
deconstructed, reconstructed, and transformed
into paintings and sculptures.

Approaching Fall III, Oil on canvas by Eugene Horne Slowly, a Dance by Gena Grant

Curators often employ juxtaposition as an element when arranging art. At first glance pairing the work of landscape painter Eugene Horne with sculptor Gena Grant might seem evidence of such a technique. Horne’s work seeks to capture light in a specific space and time. Where as the shadows created by Grant’s sculptures captivate the viewer. Horne works from a drawing plotted out in charcoal while Grant dissects a ready made item and redevelops it into a new form that evolves as she progresses.
But upon closer examination viewers start to feel the connections to nature that both artists share. Both rely heavily on memory. Memories are revisited and related back through lines, color, and form.

Eugene Horne will show a series of landscape paintings and some of the sketches and studies that preceded them. Each brushstroke is deliberate and masterfully applied. Color choice is based on classical theory. His paintings are reminiscent of a significant location when the light comes through the trees at a specific time of day. Yet each painting can be interpreted and may invoke a moment in the realm of memory significant to each viewer on an individual basis.

Eugene is guided by his “desire to leave something behind that will inspire people to notice the beauty of their surroundings. My work starts with noticing a particular natural phenomenon, which over time develops into my own very personal interpretation of that experience and becomes a visual statement.”

Once a dancer, choreographer, and performance artist, Gena Grant assembles the artistic practices of dance and theatre into sculptural pieces. She unravels premade baskets and incorporates found objects to regenerate a new entity. These sculptures appear to be performing like a dancer on stage moving in and out of the spotlight creating a second show of shadow play.

She has tried to “look at the ordinary, the chaotic, the living, fraying, coming apart, and ask the question: how do I experience my own transformation of thought and perception? I would hope to inspire us to slow down and look carefully at our world.”

Fabulon extends an invitation to share this personal journey of memory and vision.
Artist Reception with refreshments: Saturday 11/12, 5-8pm
Preview and Gallery Talk 11/9: 6:30-7:30pm

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