Pulse, Zoom Event

JBR Visuals

May. 13, 2021, 11:30 am

107 Nopalitos Way, 41953
PHONE 805 980-8852


PULSE is an inspirational ART CLUB Sponsored by JBR Visuals l SoundandVisonMembers.com

About this Event: Welcome to Pulse Art Club where tunes and visual Artists meet up to show audience members their works and how music moves the artist through their medium.

Your Host: Brendan Briggs of JBR Visuals, will introduce special guests, through the virtual platform Zoom to make the event available world wide!

Participants will listen to the artist playlist, respond to the works, by creating their own visual art piece. You’ll then have a chance to talk about what moved you through your piece with our special guest.

All you need, is to bring your sketch pad, blank canvas, painting implements or any medium that gets you to pulse through the imagery provided in this art club.

No experience is necessary.

Our special guest on May 13, 2021 is Photographer – Sol Hill.

Sol Hill intentionally subverts the visual photographic record with artifacts that are endemic to digital imaging in order to reveal energies we normally do not see. He became interested in working this way while doing his MFA in photographic arts because he noticed everyone involved in the world of photography despised “digital noise.” He thought it would be wonderful to do something so compelling with these endemic but reviled artifacts that people would have to enjoy them, mostly to prove the point that nothing is inherently worthless or ugly… it just depends on how you look at it and where you put value.

Tickets are by donation and as little as $1.00 for this event, we thank you for contributing to the arts. Your ticket is your access to the virtual event.

Thank you for joining and we’re so excited to see you soon!

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