Bristol Art Museum Collection

The Bristol Art Museum

Dec. 30, 2027, 12:00 am

Linden Place Hope and Wardwell Streets
PHONE 401-253-2250

The Bristol Art Museum (BAM) was founded in 1963 by Jill Pardee, Margaret Nerone and Susan Perry. The Museum first sponsored nine exhibits each year between June and October. From its early start exhibitions included major artists such as Frank Benson, Robert Motherwell, Maxfield Parish, Norman Rockwell and local artist Richard Grosvenor.

In 1986 the Linden Place Estate was transferred to the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission and Friends of Linden Place assumed ownership.

Since 1990, the Museum opened to the public and has offers three major exhibits each year.

For more information visit the The Bristol Art Museum web site.

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