Missoula Art Museum Installation Art

Missoula Art Museum

Dec. 28, 2027, 12:00 am

335 North Pattee
Phone: 406.728.0447


Missoula Art Museum Permanent Collection began in 1973 with the purchase of Montana masters Walter Hook, Gennie DeWeese and Jessie Wilber. The museum became established as the community began to raise interest and financing at the local Festival of the Arts.

As the museum art collection began to expand and thrive over the next twenty years 192 works were collected and presented to the public by MAM.
The original works reflect the museum’s continues commitment to supporting Montana artists who include Nancy Erickson, Bob and Gennie DeWeese, Rudy Autio, George Gogas, Ted Waddell, Jesse Wilber, Winnie Lloyd, Dana Boussard, Leslie Stavern Millar, and many other

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