Permanent Collection Review

New Jersey Department of State Art Museum

Dec. 30, 2027, 12:00 am

205 W. State Street
PHONE (609) 292-6464

American Perspectives: The Fine Art Collection, highlights the changing art visions found in 19th through 21st century New Jersey and New England. The exhibition is on a long term loan to the state of New Jersey and considers the sources of artists’ inspiration in our area. We consider how travel to Europe,influenced American taste, the impact of immigrant artists bringing their own experience to the US and how world and US events (historical, political, cultural, etc.) impacted artists.

The exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to see that the process of art does not happen in a stylistic or isolated environment. Works created by academic, expressionist, folk, modernist and visionary artists will be shown together based on chronology.Visitors should note that important works by significant NJ artists will be highlighted within the context of American art.

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