Performance: Tantric Voyages: A Living Cinema Event

Paul Calendrillo New York

Oct. 24, 2019, 06:00 pm

548 West 28th St.
PHONE 908 875.0149

6pm to 8pm

John Halpern has been a cultural activist since 1977. He and his group, Art Corporation of America Inc., replaced terrorism in mass media by climbing up New York City’s 7 large suspension bridges, winning the Best News of the Year in 1977, for ABC’s Eyewitness News.

Since then, he’s campaigned as a climate advocate through BREATHSCULPTURE, 1989, when he occupied an hermetically sealed glass, house breathing once p/minute with plants for 10 unbroken days. With his Fresh Air Project 1990-93, 200,000 people breathed fresh air -interactively with plants.

In 1989 Halpern, together with 1,000 people, took on the tobacco industry by sending cigarette smoke back to cigarette factories in Europe.

His interactive work with the unemployed – the NEW CONSUME ALPS Cookie project won a prize from the Swiss Government in 1997.

He has worked with the Dalai Lama, Martin Scorsese and other outstanding cultural figures making films like REFUGE and WAKING BUDDHA LIVE, an immersive Cinema program (most recently ay Tibetan Center, Kingston, NY).

He’s just released a film kept confidential for 10 years about the crisis in Kashmir. It includes exclusive interviews with former terrorists.

Responding to a demand and hungering for community and creative intervention with society, DiLeva-Halpern together with artist, Emily Harris, will found Institute for Cultural Activism.

And on October 24th together with Reid Stowe John Halpern invites us to Get Ready for a Living Cinema Event w. Reid Stowe and John Halpern at Reid’s exhibition – Paul Calendrillo Gallery 538 w. 28 Chelsea /Thurs. Oct. 24 /6-8pm

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