Opening Reception: Victoria Loeb | Naked

Jennifer Norback Fine Art

Feb. 14, 2015, 06:00 pm

217 W Huron Ave

Jennifer Norback Fine Art is pleased to announce our first solo exhibition of Victoria Loeb. A multimedia exhibition, “Naked” will feature large-scale, mixed media nude portraits on canvas, drawings, and photography. By exhibiting the photographs of her photo-sessions next to the large scale works they inspire, she invites us into the intimate world of her process.

“In my paintings I like to focus on what’s suggested, rather than interpret what is shown,” reveals Loeb. “Mystery intrigues me and is always present in my work by leaving an open space for the onlooker, between what is shown and what is not – a space in which they are the ones who conclude the work, by opening a conversation. I try to emphasize the experience between the work and the viewer. As in literature, one should give in to the game that the work proposes. Look at the painting, not intellectually but with innocence, since it is not a rational experience but a sensitive and emotional one. In this particular series, I wanted to reconnect with my roots: drawing, to put an emphasis on the line and structure in sketch like figures of different women. The female form has been a constant in my work, and, as a woman, I feel urged to portray them in all their strength, beauty, and sexuality. I used my own photography as sources, which makes them even more personal.”

“Naked” will show through March 7 at JNFA.
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