Opening Reception for Michelle Lougee’s “Contra Naturam” & Jessica Straus’ “Uh Oh!”

Boston Sculptors Gallery

Apr. 9, 2016, 04:00 am

486 Harrison Avenue

Boston Sculptors is Pleased to present two concurrent solo shows, “Contra Naturam” by Michelle Lougee & “Uh Oh!” by Jessica Straus.
In “Contra Naturam”–sin against nature, Michelle Lougee is looking closely at our most precious but compromised resource–water. In fact she’s looking very closely, by examining macro- and micro-organisms with her signature material, post-consumer plastic bags. It is a new look at our habits, ourselves and our precious planet. In a large installation entitled Ubiquitous, Lougee envisions the abstract microscopic inhabitants of a drop of water.The vibrant, textural forms want to wiggle and stretch out, eager to colonize the surroundings.
Two bodies of work comprise Jessica Straus’s current exhibition, “Uh Oh!” Utilizing non-potable water signage sliced to near illegibility, Straus has constructed water storage containers that suggest an absurd, last ditch effort to hang onto humanity’s most precious resource. Likewise her constructed blimp-like earths with geographic maps of alarming proportions appear to be setting out on impossible quests.

Boston Sculptors Gallery

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