Opening Reception for Linda Sosangelis “Opulence”

Twenty-Two Gallery

Feb. 13, 2015, 06:00 pm

236 S. 22nd St.

Opening Reception: Friday, February 13th, 6-9PM
Recent realism oil paintings by artist Linda Sosangelis.
“My enduring interest in detailed realism and oriental exoticism began as an art student. I base my work on the return to those standards which demand the knowledge of composition, perspective, color, three dimensional form, draftsmanship and anatomy.
Deeply inspired by both 17th century Dutch and 19th century Oriental-ism painters, I am captivated by their abilities to capture the most intricate details of textiles, decorative porcelain and metal. In keeping with the art tradition of the Old Masters, I attempt to imbue reality with a sense of richness – opulence- that gives each piece a heightened sense of grace and elegance. Using the laws of chiaroscuro, an ordinary still life or a kimono draped figure becomes vibrant and dazzling. In each painting, my goal is to transcribe the world into something slightly rarefied, a realm in which beauty and harmony reign supreme.”


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