North & Sivek, Harmony Exhibition

Q Artists Cooperative

May. 2, 2023, 10:00 am

1108 Main St

Silversmith Joan North and landscape artist Dan Sivek harmonize their talents as the featured artists at Q Artists Cooperative when their “Harmony” exhibit opens on May 2nd.

Lately, North has been working with a line of dyed leather cord with vibrant colors which remind her of a joyful Crayola box of color often found in semi-precious stones she uses in her jewelry. Joan wondered if these two very different media—soft, organic leather and hard, immobile metal—might find some harmony. And they did! North selected semi-precious stones to harmonize with these leather colors to make a new line of necklaces.

Sivek considered many aspects of harmony: color harmony, mathematical and spiritual harmony, music harmony, harmony with nature, harmony with the universe, and harmony with self. The result of these explorations will be revealed at this featured Gallery Q show.

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