New Mythology Olga Tobreluts Solo Exhibition

AP Contemporary

Sep. 4, 2015, 06:00 pm

28 Tai Ping Shan, Sheung Wan
+852 3105 2118

AP Contemporary is excited to present “New Mythology”, the second solo exhibition by Olga Tobreluts. Many believe that mythologies are often related to
being old-fashioned and ancient stories, “New Mythology” introduces the audience a new definition. Myths are not limited to Zeus, Romulus or the Chinese
dragon but also Japanese manga, sci-fi stories and urban legends. Starting from 21st Century, people adapt and at the same time evolve all new kinds of
interpretation in languages, sounds and visuals. The fast-growing technologies and overflowing information make people craving for more and more, are never
satisfied. Interesting is, regardless how the evolution is progressing, the familiar ancient or traditional smell is never going to evaporate. Analysing the past, new
progression is always a recomposition of the traditions.

Born in 1970, Russian artist Olga Tobreluts, who is well-known internationally as a pioneering media artist and a creator of massive video installations. Olga
picked up modern computer technologies as a medium in the 1990s and she quit painting to focus on computer graphics combined with photography and 3D
models. Since 1994, she has been a member of the New Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, a community of Neo-Academism artists. Olga makes good use of new media as a tool to transform the classics to a work of modern time. In early 1990s, Olga created the “Model” series featuring some antique popular figures with modern fashion designers clothes. Later on in 1999, she created the “Sacred” series featuring ancient portraits with new faces. These series brought Olga
numerous international awards and these images were featured in different
publications like ART, ATTITUDE, Flash Art, ArtReview, Vanity Fair and many other
Olga’s works have been widely exhibited in well-known institutions and museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Modern Art ini Moscow, the Tate Modern in London, the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, her latest museum exhibition was organised at the Ludwig Museum in Hungary. Olga also had many solo
museum exhibition around the world including the UK, the US, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Sweden and Norway. Her works have been acquired by important collections namely the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Ludwig Museum, the Centre of Contemporary Art in Germany, the Wolfgang Joop Foundation. Olga returned to painting as her artistic medium in 2003 and she focuses on recovering ancient painting techniques as well as discovering the chemical composition of pigments in her art works. She had her solo exhibition in the US in early 2015 with a new series of works. Those works are testing a new visual shock by recomposing the divided fragment of an image. “New Mythology” is a continue of the last episode and Olga is pushing the visual shock to a brand new series of new media art works in particular with 3D lenticular art works.

The exhibition opens on 4th September, 2015 (Friday) with an opening reception from 6:00pm till 9:00pm.

For more information, please contact Sally Hui at [email protected]
RSVP, please contact Catherine Yim at [email protected]11960270_828462427270584_7960085876927123026_n

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