Nadia Westcott SEVEN Reception

Montserrat College of Art

Feb. 26, 2015, 07:00 pm

23 Essex Street

Nadia Westcott is one of the seven artists that Montserrat College of Art Galleries has invited to draw directly onto the seven walls of Montserrat Gallery over the course of seven weeks. Highlighting the ways the artists’ bodies and gestures activate the gallery space, this project celebrates the performative aspects of drawing and the individual nature of each artist’s process. SEVEN challenges traditional definitions of drawing, inviting artists of to mark-make in a variety of disciplines including performance, video and textile.

Nadia Westcott creates graphic murals with an emphasis on the ways in which public and site-specific art can empower viewer communities.

The gallery will act as an open studio over the course of each artist’s week-long residency, students and guests are welcome to come in.

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