Mindful Spaces Exhibition Opening

Gallery 111

May. 8, 2014, 07:00 pm

111 Dunlop Street East


During May 2014, Gallery 111 will present Mindful Spaces, a dynamic exhibition featuring the expressive paintings of Peter Adams with the reconfigured metal structures of Roy Hickling. Exhibiting together many times in the past, their shared interests in art, music and the agricultural heritage of this region have made for a great friendship. Titling the exhibit Mindful Spaces was due an observation of how both artists thoughtfully pays attention to spaces deemed as negative or open. Peter Adams ability to turn vast skies into intimate studies of colour and texture, remind us how important it is to look up where as Roy’s creation of water, faces, scrolls and globes out of reclaimed metal ground us as his manipulation of negative space creates universal content while drawing attention to the importance of materials and process.

When speaking to Peter about his work he stated, “We all look to the skies for some sort of spiritual connection but many of us also find something very grounding about walking in the woods as well.” I asked why he thought Roy and himself are drawn to show together. Adams shared, “There is an earthiness and energy in our works that makes for a great juxtaposition” and for some reason, transitions in our life to be closely connected. Roy has just moved to rural environment, and I moved to a village environment for the winters. It would seem that our paths are often crossing or running parallel beside one anothers”.

Roy Hickling also shared some insight into how he arrives at his finished works. “ Some of the metal that I work into sculptures has literally been pulled from the groun, its decay slowed and its shape hammered and shifted in the air by the re-application of heat. The grounding of the metal connects my life as a farmer, while the lyricism of its shape intersects with my songwriting.

To view both artists work first hand, visit Gallery 111 from May 8th till June 8th oand if you want to meet the artists, stop by on Thursday, May 8th from 7:00 until 9:00 pm when Roy and Peter will be on site to talk to their work.

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