Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art

Feb. 14, 2015, 05:00 am

1701 Main Street

Love takes many forms but in the 20th-21st centuries varying aspects of love are more overt in presentation and more openly discussed. ‘Love: The 1st of the 7 Virtues’ is part of the FMWA ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ collaboration.
Artists include Alzamora, Barney, Bercea, Brenner, Brickley, Edmier, Feuerman, Gutheil, Hacker, Indiana, LeDray, Majic, Mapplethorpe, Neshat, Newsom, Otterson, Ozbolt, Pretzer, Ritterpusch, Ruckhäberle, Sadler, Tomasula, and Wathen

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