“Like This” Opening Reception

Jennifer Norback Fine Art

Dec. 12, 2014, 06:00 pm

217 W. Huron Ave


Jennifer Norback Fine Art (JNFA) is pleased to announce a unique collaboration between contemporary artists Cindy Bernhard and Douglas Stapleton when “Like This” opens on December 12 with a public reception from 6-9 pm. This multi-media exhibition features works in painting, collage, and sculpture that creates a playful juxtaposition that simultaneously complements and clashes with one another. The end result is a show that teases the themes of romantic reverie, bashful lust, space (both physical and psychic), camouflaged desires, composure, vulnerability, prestige, alienation, pictorial tension, and objective representation, all in images seeded in an ethereal, other-worldly dimension.

“A quote that really sums up my work is one by Wayne Thiebaud, which states, ‘As far as I am concerned, there is only one study and that is the way in which things relate to one another,’ ” says Bernhard. ”I believe that my work juxtaposed with Douglas Stapleton’s work is a great fit and we were pleasantly surprised to find out we had many of the same motivations that inspire us. Although the exteriors look very different and we use different materials, there are many themes that closely relate to one another.”

“Like This” will show through December at JNFA.

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