Light Painting Photography Workshop

Arts Center Killingworth

Jun. 13, 2014, 07:00 am

276 North Parker Hill Road
(860) 663-5593

Light Painting Photography Workshop
Date: Friday, June 13th
Time: 7-10pm (Note Sun sets 8:20)
Price: $70
In this electrifying class learn to use long exposures to paint with light inside a single photograph. With the camera fixed on a tripod and the aperture locked, walk through the photograph and create with limitless imagination. Explore various lighting techniques, forms, exposure lengths, color balances, designs, and more. With a quick review of the basics: aperture, shutter speed, white balance, depth-of-field, camera settings and gear. Bring a camera that has a bulb setting, tripod, and a shutter release cable (preferred) and bright light sources to paint with such as flashlights, LED swords, flashes. (LEDs strongly recommended.) Conclude with field practice on the Arts Center grounds weather permitting.

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