Koreatown & Lunch with NAAAP Baltimore

Asia North 2024

May. 11, 2024, 11:00 am

16 W. North Ave.
PHONE 410-704-2000


Join us for a guided stroll around Baltimore’s first unofficial Koreatown. We will explore parts of Baltimore’s Charles North neighborhood and the Station North Arts & Entertainment District to discover an area several Korean-owned businesses and families have called home as early as the 1960s. From landmarks to people, the Asian Arts and Culture Center will facilitate an engaging tour that will compel conversations about Koreatown’s past, present, and future. We invite participants for lunch at Kong Pocha following the walk. 12 pm lunch at Kong Pocha. The tour is free. Participants are asked to pay for their own dishes during lunch. Presented with NAAAP Baltimore.

INFO & RSVP: https://baltimore-members.naaap.org/events/baltimore-koreatown-walk-and-lunch

For More Information: towson.edu/asianarts

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