Kevin Umaña “Wax and Wane” Artist Reception

David Richard Gallery

Sep. 29, 2021, 04:00 pm

211 East 121st Street
PHONE 212-882-1705

David Richard Gallery is pleased to present Wax and Wane by Kevin Umaña, his first solo exhibition in New York and with the Gallery. This exhibition of 17 new artworks created during 2021 is part of a larger body of work comprised of five different, but related and interdependent bodies of works that differ by size, supports and media. The various bodies of work include: 1) seven large canvases made of acrylic and oil media that also include a range of additions that model and provide tactile and highly textured surfaces to the individual geometric shapes; 2) four smaller paintings that experiment with different supports, media and additions to the media as well as specific geometric shapes and compositions that have a direct dialogue with the larger paintings; 3) two flat-ish glazed ceramic wall pieces; 4) two hybrid paintings with additions of flat glazed ceramic fragments adhered to the canvas and integrated within the compositions; and 5) one painted, wooden, free-standing sculpture on a pedestal.

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