Atlanta Photography Group Gallery

Nov. 19, 2016, 06:30 am

75 Bennett St. Ste. B-1
(404) 323-0153


Atlanta Photography Group is proud to present “Juxtapostions”, a special Thanksgiving exhibition and photo booth event that uses visual story-telling to chronicle personal experiences of immigration.

APG partnered with Clarkston Community Center to offer a photography class developed and taught by artist Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier for recently settled middle school children. The students used photographic images and text to explore their perceptions of self, community, and home. “Juxtapostions” will feature work produced in the class. The show also features a photo booth led by Julie Yarborough with on-site printing so attendees can create self-portraits, responding to a variety of questions about family origin, memory and culture. The prints will be installed on a large wall in the gallery.


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