Introduction to Installation Art by Artist Lily Morgan

The Norwalk Art Space

Aug. 1, 2022, 10:00 am

455 West Avenue
PHONE 203 252-2840

Through this course, students will explore different art installation projects and gain hands-on experience by working collaboratively to create an art installation at The Norwalk Art Space. Students will start by discussing different concepts for their project and how unity, variety, repetition and rhythm are important in telling their story. We will then choose materials that best suit our design and space. At the end of each day we will reflect on what’s going well, and how the work is evolving, so we can improve on it for the next day. We will spend the last two days of class installing our work as a team in a specific area of The Norwalk Art Space for all to see! Our installation will be an immersive experience for the public to enjoy and ponder on its unveiling on August 18, 2022. Free and open to students 12 – 18 yrs of age; 10 spots; registration required

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