Improv Jazz with Pete Malinverni at the Neuberger Museum

Neuberger Museum of Art

Feb. 8, 2017, 12:30 pm

735 Anderson Hill Road
Phone (914) 251-6100

Most people, even those who’ve enjoyed Jazz for many years, don’t really know what happens on the inside of an improvised Jazz performance, from the viewpoint of the players. In this presentation, Pete Malinverni offers a look behind the curtain in a clear, quick and fun examination of the various elements of music (melody, rhythm, harmony, texture, form) and how each can be used to reflect and express human reaction. Malinverni is Head of Jazz Studies in the Purchase College Conservatory of Music and a highly respected presence in local, national, and international club and concert performances.

The Neuberger Museum’s Blueprint Performance series blurs the lines between art and its discourse, highlighting the multi-layered meanings and history behind a performance, work of art, or field of study. These performance-lecture hybrids are designed to disseminate the messages, meanings and processes too often obscured, offering audiences the enjoyment of a professional performance along with an expanded understanding of what happens behind the scenes.

General admission: $10; free to Purchase College students, staff, and faculty, and Neuberger Museum of Art Members.

Neuberger Museum of Art

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