Gallery Update: “I Know Of You” Senior Thesis Exhibition

301 Gallery

Nov. 19, 2014, 12:00 am

301 Cabot Street

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I Know Of You: Montserrat Senior Thesis Exhibition

Reception: Wednesday, November 19, 5 – 8 pm

On view: Mon., Nov. 17 – Fri. Nov. 21, 2014

301 Gallery, 301 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA

Hours: Mon. – Fr. 11:30 am – 1:30 pm & 4 – 6 pm

I Know Of You is an exhibition showcasing the works of six artists across various concentrations. Robert Sheehan is a painter who focuses on color and light. His worlds represent familiar subjects through a range of abstraction. H.C. Nicoll is an illustrator as well as a storyteller. Her comics juggle the idea of monsters and mental illness. She mostly works with ink and digital media. Monique Yozwak is a graphic designer who focuses on the juxtaposition of images. Her works feature this technique to compare and contrast bank robberies of the 1930’s to today. Ian Cooperis a painter who focuses on color and form. He emphasizes the planes of the face, fabric, and body. He uses acrylic and charcoal on a large scale.Emily Miner is an illustrator who combines watercolor and gouache. She focused her thesis on recreating the alphabet by making creatures from her imagination. Kyle Hedin is a videographer who’s works involve personal symbolism. All of his works also include religion and racial undertones.

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