Future Casting: An Interactive Hip Hop Representation

Fabulon Center for Art and Education

Oct. 1, 2016, 04:00 pm

1017 Wappoo Rd.
(843) 566-3383


Future Casting: An interactive Hip-Hop Presentation

Future Casting of the genre tagged Hip-Hop and highlight the generational and contemporary links within the arts to Hip-Hop. While the seeds of Hip-Hop were being blown around the world, by the winds of creativity, the music industry was planning a takeover of the art form. By the early 1990’s Hip-Hop had been directed into being a musical genre that glorifies ”thug life”. This hijacking of the art form into a musical hybrid about ”thug life” was primarily about making money at the expense of the music and those who created it. But all was not lost, Hip-Hop, via the music underground, continued to morph and integrate with other art forms including jazz, classical, country western music, poetry, visual arts, and fashion.
The Underground Sounds of
“M!key Dee & DJ Ophus Olfus on the Beats”presents” Art & Science”

Collaborative mural project, Generational spoken word performances, Break & Hip-Hop Dancers, and the “Food Box” food truck.

Come celebrate what is true to the art form’s creative beginnings as we project into the future with messages of hope, unity, progress, and harmony.

October 1 2016 4-8pm
FABULON 1017 Wappoo Rd West Ashley

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