Participatory Performances with Monkeyhouse (Karen Krolak & Nicole Harris)

2019 Art Ramble

Oct. 13, 2019, 04:30 pm

Hapgood-Wright Town Forest

Join Monkeyhouse’s Karen Krolak and Nicole Harris in their performance art piece for Art Ramble.

Relaying [78]s is an opportunity for you to engage with the art and other people by participating in facilitated conversations with artist Karen Krolak, author of the Dictionary of Negative Space, about [78]s – the people in our lives who do not pass into the realm of public memory once they die; adding the name of your personal [78]s to the artwork; or writing a letter to or remembering your [78] with Love Letters from Boston, a project started by artist Nicole Harris. Letters can be mailed to loved ones or will be burned as part of a private ceremony after the event. Who holds your [78]’s stories? Who carries their memories into tomorrow?

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