From The Belly of The Beast

Grace Exhibition Space

Feb. 17, 2017, 07:00 pm

840 Broadway, 2nd Floor
(848) 932-3726

A night of performance art on Intersectionality, Feminisms, and Indigeneity from across turtle island entitled From the Belly of the Beast. This long over due evening of unruly rumblings, vicious hunger pains, un-mothering and eventual birthing of the revolution, is a shout out to the performance artist as anti-hero. Working from the zone of danger with a “no going back” mentality these artists aim to disrupt the status-quo and cross the threshold using sound, mixed media performances and installations, vocalization, and live action.

The evening promises to be a lively exchange that speaks out from the depths of humanity’s underbelly at the center of the American empire. Maria Hupfield and Katya Grokhovsky, Co-curators. Artists included are Ayana Evans, Charlene Vickers, Damali Abrams, Emilie Monnet and Danya Danger, Emily Oliverira, and Natalie Ball.

The Feminist Art Project

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