Freckleface: The Women of David Santiago

Beals & Co. Showroom

May. 28, 2016, 05:00 am

830 Canyon Rd.

Freckleface, a new series of female portraiture where each work is built atop a wood panel hand-picked by the artist. Santiago uses a variety of mediums- primarily charcoal and pastel, but also acrylic, ink, and makeup, bringing them to life. The women of Santiago seem to stare right back at you, blushing with awareness, they reveal a transparency preserved despite the layers of mediums, a hint of wood grain that recalls what they actually made of. This inception of meaning, details within a detail, continue across each face- their freckles, “sun spots”, are stars in disguise, a constellation hidden somewhere within their array.

Bobby Beals, founder of Beals & Co., has been promoting artist/collector relationships for the past 12 years. Beginning in sales, then creating gallery strategies in downtown Santa Fe through luxury resorts and hotels, Bobby’s relationship with art and artists began to evolve. He created an online art platform, Santa Fe Exports, and in his most recent venture he has opened a new showroom on historic Canyon Rd.


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