First Step Photography: Foundation Workshop

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

Aug. 7, 2014, 12:00 am

400 N. Ashley Drive

Instructor: Jeremy Scott
Ages: All
Standard Price: $120.00
Member Price: $105.00

Description: Are you ready to start your journey in Fine Art Photography? Learn the basics in this 4-week foundation workshop that introduces beginners to the fundamental techniques of exposure, lighting and composition. International Fine Art Photo Award winner, Jeremy Scott will give personalized instruction on: • Choosing the right camera and lenses for you • Camera settings for Automatic, Priority, and Manual Modes • Focus and Metering Modes • Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO settings for balanced exposure • Aperture settings for Depth-of-Field • Shutter Speed settings for freezing action, or creating movement • Natural light sources and patterns • Composition Rules: Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Balancing Elements, Viewpoint and more • Basic photo editing and file storage • Online Sharing and Copyright Students will shoot their own portraits, still-life, landscapes and architecture in and around the museum, as well as being given weekly photo assignments with instructor critique. This class is for people of all ages with little or no experience in photography, or for those seeking a refresher on the basics. Prerequisite: First Step Photography has no prerequisite courses, however, students will get the most out of the workshop if they are shooting with a DSLR (Nikon, Canon, etc.), but any camera that allows for changing the shutter speed and aperture will work. Thursdays, 6 – 8 pm

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