Family Time at the Museum

The Norwalk Art Space @ ADK House

Feb. 23, 2023, 05:00 pm

455 West Ave
PHONE (203) 252-2840

Have you ever left a museum and thought, “That was cool, but what was I supposed to experience?” Through observation, drawing (no experience necessary!) and sharing, you will leave with a deeper understanding about how museums and art can be fun and meaningful – and how they can lead you to learn things about each other. This is a paired or group activity, so bring your spouse, your mom, your uncle, your best friend – anyone you like to spend time with! Together, you will learn to experience museums in a whole new way. This experience gives people an opportunity for families and friends to explore stories about themselves that they may have even forgotten, and to share those stories with people they care about. It is an activity in which everyone feels heard, appreciated, and valued. Free and open to students ages 11 and up| 16 spots per class | Registration required

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