Enigmatic Gestures: Lois Green & Jennifer Tsuchida

Gallery 111

Jun. 14, 2014, 12:00 am

111 Dunlop Street East,


During the month of June, Gallery 111 will feature the dynamic and mysterious works of local artist Lois Green and Toronto textile artist Jennifer Tsuchida. Both working with bold areas of colour, intriquing lines and organic shapes, this show will visually excite the eyes and stimulate the mind into generating associations on humanity and our relationship to other entities or organisms within our midst.

In her latest figurative explorations, Lois Green pushes foundation studio exercises of gesture to new levels, integrating artistic principles of space, shape, colour and line in order “to translate the primary thrust, weight and energy of the pose” to her viewer. Green’s confident mark making and juxtaposition of emotionally charged colours work to engage the audience both from a distance and close up.

Felted surreal masses of colour by Jennifer Tsuchida are amoebic in form and beg to be touched. Celebrating pattern and all that is tactile, each work is “Enshrouded in mystery and intrigue, teetering between the natural world and fantasy”. Seemingly alive due their organic shapes, napes and crevices, the viewer cannot deny elements within the work, which serve to unite that, which is human with what we might consider alien, on a cellular level. Although created independently, when placed beside the representational figurative work of Green’s, Jen’s work can’t help but morph into 3D appendages or innards belonging to the human entities depicted behind them, speaking to our innate desire to make connections with that and those around us.

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