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Museum of International Folk Art

Dec. 30, 2027, 12:00 am

Camino Lejo
PHONE (505) 476-1200

The Museum of International Folk Art presents its current collection and new exhibitions. Represented is a diverse culture of works that offer the largest collection of international folk art in the world.

The museum collection donated by museum founder Florence Dibell Bartlett of 2,500 peices of art from 34 countries has grown to over 130,000 objects from more than 100 countries. The museum collection continues to grow by the generous support of individuals for the display of local artwork.

Other significant donations include Spanish Colonial art,a collection of historic Mexican mayólica as well as Korean and Chinese ceramics and gifts of Brazilian folk art.

The museum cares for its collections, using the latest technology in care and presentation of the folk art.The Bartlett Wing, displays exhibitions based on the museum collections and field studies of specific cultures or art forms. Exhibition range from Turkish, Tibetan and Swedish traditions to New Deal era art in New Mexico, recycled objects and Dancing Shadows: Wayang Kulit of Indonesia.

Vist the Museum of International Folk Art web site for more information on the current and upcoming exhibitions.

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