Museum of Fine Arts Exhibitions

Museum of Fine Arts

Dec. 30, 2027, 12:00 am

465 Huntington Avenue

The Museum of Fine Arts presents Chinese Lacquer 1200–1800. For more than two thousand years Chinese lacquer has bee derived from the sap or resin of trees in China and Asia.

For centuries lacquer was considered a great luxury material because it was challenging and time-consuming to create similar to the mining and processing of gold and silver. Created primarily for the wealthy and Imperial court lacquer objects were eventually collected by the rising merchant class.

This exhibition showcases the Museum’s Chinese lacquers and includes outside museum loans. Presented will be an exploration of the variety of techniques, styles, and forms of lacquer, as well as its uses. Displayed will be the transfer of imagery and themes to paintings and porcelains, furniture, presentation boxes for special occasions and a large variety of surprising objects.

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