Current and New Exhibitions

Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art

Dec. 30, 2027, 12:00 am

575 E Street
PHONE 402.367.4488

Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art presents Sentinels and Stewards with Logan Maxwell Hagege. This exhibition looks at the most essential aspect of Native American culture, its land. The Hagege’s recent work is the inception of the museum’s first in depth study of native cultures.

Hagege compositions combine strong figures, graphic gestures and symbolism in complete simplicity and color. Hagege said during an interview with the ArtBookGuy, “Art is important for the world, especially today. We run the risk of losing our culture if we base all of our joy and importance on reality TV and the entertainment industry.”

The Southwest Native American culture represented in the art work of “Sentinels and Stewards” represents a dynamic connection to the people, the land and now Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art.

For more information, please visit the museum web site.

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