El Paso Museum of Art New Exhibitions

El Paso Museum of Art

Dec. 30, 2027, 12:00 am

One Arts Festival Plaza
PHONE (915) 532-1707


The El Paso Museum of Art will feature eleven artworks produced over the last ten years by Margarita Cabrera, a Monterrey, Mexico artist. Cabrera is known for her soft-sculptures of commercial products. She first began her work with such as coffeemakers and blenders manufactured at US-owned maquiladoras in Mexico, that remind us of the labor involved.

Cabrera’s started to organize projects that involved the work of artisans from immigrant communities. Cabrera’s Arbol de la Vida John Deere Model 790 is the result of a project involving the creation of a life-size replica of a John Deere tractor in clay, the “tree of life” for many workers in the agricultural community. Cabrera`s cross-cultural approach allows her combine the many cultural aspect of two distinct, yet closely connected cultures. Cabrera lives and works in El Paso.

For more information please visit the El Paso Museum of Art web site.

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