Curator’s Tour: 2023 Art Ramble

The Umbrella Arts Center

Nov. 11, 2023, 11:00 am

40 Stow Street
PHONE 978 371-0820

Art Ramble is an annual, temporary exhibition in the Hapgood Wright Town Forest in Concord, MA, a collaboration of The Umbrella Art Center and Concord’s Division of Natural Resources (CDNR). Following Leave No Trace principles, regional artists create site-specific artworks promoting appreciation of nature, installed along Fairyland Pond and parts of the historic Emerson-Thoreau Amble connecting Concord Center to Walden Pond.

This year’s theme is Geo-Metric. Geo-Metric literally means Earth measurement. While traditionally, basic geometry relies on axioms used to measure fixed shapes and construct solid objects that will stand the test of time,“Geo-Metric” here refers to the ability to measure change. Our planet is constantly in motion and changes with exposure to light, temperature, weather, human intervention and climate change. The season visibly changes from summer to fall over the run of the Art Ramble, but what are the changes and patterns (geometric or otherwise) that we do not see? How can we make visible the patterns of nature and their disruption — raising awareness of the threats to our environment as well as nature’s keen ability to adapt and survive?

This year’s Art Ramble includes interactive installations as well as quiet, contemplative sculptures. Several will change over the course of the exhibition as they interact with nature and visitors. (For best access to augmented reality installation, “Winds of Change,” please download the apps, Hoverlay and Aero on your smartphone and bring earphones.)

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