Crossroads: Art + Native Feminism

Museum of Arts and Design

Feb. 18, 2017, 10:15 am

2 Columbus Circle
(848) 932-3726

Crossroads: Art + Native Feminism is a dedicated day of panels, roundtables, and discussions lead by Indigenous knowledge carriers, artists, community members, elders, academics, and their accomplices on the topic of art and Native Feminism focused on North America.

From the countless unnamed works produced by Native women and acquired by historical museums in service of colonial nation states around the world, to Rebecca Belmore representing Canada at the Venice Biennale and Christi Belcourt’s Anishinaabe Nation floral motif inspired designs on the haute couture runway of Valentino, Native women across the continent have a long established tradition in the visual arts that pushes against dominant patriarchal structures.

Against the odds of systematic erasure through colonization, and historically situated outside of mainstream Feminism, the experience and knowledge of native women offer ranging perspectives conceptually better located at the center of the movement. Land recovery, self-determination, and social relations based in respect and inherent dignity of all living beings from non-human to human, are a few examples that fluidly move across and between traditional and contemporary practices today.

The Feminist Art Project

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