Cosmos – Archaeological Weather Map

Able Fine Art Ny

Jun. 19, 2014, 06:00 pm

511 West 25th Street

Able Fine Art NY Gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition in New York of the important Korean artist IM GOONOO. IM GOONOO, whose paintings, sculptures and installations have been widely exhibited internationally, is regarded as one of the preeminent living artists in Korea. His work is in the collection the Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art; in the Sungkok Art Museum in Seoul; in the Museo del Ferrocarril, in Madrid and the International Modern Art Center in Barcelona, Spain; and the Korea Art and Culture Center of Seoul, along with prominent private and public collections. He was selected to represent his nation as the official artist, and commissioned to create the monument for Seoul’s hosting of the World Cup of Soccer in 2002.
IM GOONOO is the creative heir to artists like Nam June Paik and Park Seo Bo, the fathers of Korean Modernism. Upon the foundation laid by those masters, IM GOONOO has built his own unique and significant body of work.
IM GOONOO, whose roots include architecture and archeology, has developed a personal iconography that expresses his emotional and spiritual message. It is a message of optimism and joy. His vision of a utopian world takes form in his paintings through color and symbolism.
Like all spiritually rooted works of art, from cave paintings to monoliths to mandalas, they are both image and process, meditation and evocation. They both portray and embody energies.
While deeply tied to forms and voices of nature, IM GOONOO’s work is more involved in tapping into and touching the inner self. His paintings employ and reference a symbolic language, in colors and imagery, that may reach back thousands of years to the origins or art, in pictographic representations of horses, flowers, volcanoes. But they can also be immediately read by children. Such is the language of innocence and happiness.
IM GOONOO’s work is the artist’s attempt to bring more joy to his viewers and beyond. He seeks to paint the world into a more beautiful, peaceful and happier place. Able Fine Art NY Gallery is delighted to introduce the work of IM GOONOO to New York City, the international center of the art world.
Several important works from the “Cosmos-Archaeological Weather Map” series will be included in the exhibition which runs from June 18th through July 1st, 2014. There will be an opening reception on June 19th, from 6-8 pm, which will be attended by IM GOONOO, along with diplomats, dignitaries and leaders of Korean-American culture.
Able Fine Art NY Gallery, in the heart of Chelsea, specializes in contemporary fine art, showcasing the work of both established and exceptional emerging American, Korean and international artists. The work presented by the gallery fuses a strong conceptual base with a particular focus on the way artists recreate traditional forms and cultures through both time-honored and new media. Painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography are featured along with installations and experimental work. Able Fine Art maintains galleries both in Chelsea, New York and in the Jongno district in Seoul, South Korea.

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